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Fox Sport Fishing Diablo 750s


Welcome to our family of workhorse saltwater spinning reels. The Diablo series represents a near bullet proof range of reels designed to cope with all of your saltwater spinning needs from Snappers to Tarpon. Engineered around the Fox RTS gear train the five plus one (six plus one for the 750S) high quality bearings guarantee a smooth transition of power between angler and fish.

As with all of our saltwater range of reels we have incorporated our own unique drag system (CDT). This features a large diameter high modulus carbon washer and our specially formulated lubricant to ensure an ultra strong drag and a very smooth transition.

Considering the Diablo is a budget range of reels their features belie the price tag. For instance a massive line roller guarantees good line management together with a thick, sturdy bail arm which will stand up to all the abuse this style of reel takes on. Add a large cranking handle and an infinite one way system and you are certainly getting value for money.

All of these features help the angler to cope admirably with modern day braids with virtually no stretch and a low diameter.

There are currently three models in the range. The Diablo 350S has a gear ratio of 4.9:1 with a maximum drag setting of 20 lb and weighs only 13.2 oz.


The Diablo 550S has a retrieve ratio of 4.6:1 and weighs 19.2 oz and has a maximum drag setting of 25 lb.

The Diablo 750S, the largest in the series, has a gear ratio of 4.7:1, weighs 30 oz and has a maximum drag setting of 30 lb.

As well as being a very robust design we have also thought about after sales maintenance. The side plate is easily and quickly removed for a once a year clean down and lubricate. We have also incorporated our Replaceable Slider System (RSS), this unique patented feature means the low friction sacrificial sliders can be replaced as soon and as often as you want. Other reels suffer from severe slop in spool rotation over time. By replacing the sliders in your Diablo you can keep your reel running as well as it did out of the box, which means you can continue to enjoy instantaneous drag pick up and ultimately your reel for longer.

We are confident that the Diablo series will take all the abuse you can throw at them and the fact that they are a real delight to use really does mean they are a strong choice not only for newcomers but also for the seasoned angler.

Specification Diablo 350s Diablo 550s Diablo 750s
Ratio: 4.9:1 4.6:1 4.7:1
Weight: 13.2oz 19.2oz 30oz
Ball Bearings: 5+1 Stainless Steel 5+1 Stainless Steel 6+1 Stainless Steel
Drag: 20lb 25lb 30lb
Capacity: (lb/yards) 10/372 and 20/142
(ømm/M) 0.26/340 and 0.35/130
(lb/yards) 20/382 and 30/197
(ømm/M) 0.35/350 and 0.47/180
(lb/yards) 30/377 and 40/224
(ømm/M) 0.47/345 and 0.62/205


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